Giutini Den Plus Active recipe 20kg


Complete food for dog
nDEN PLUS “Active recipe” is a complete highenergy food that is recommended both for the second phase of puppy growth (from 6 months upwards) and to satisfy the nutritional needs of dogs that are always on the move (active dogs).
nDEN PLUS is rich in chicken and also contains beef and cod. This cod helps to balance the right amount of omega 3 fatty acids and the whole linseed and soybean seeds help to balance the omega 6 fatty acids in the diet. In addition, the lucerne meal helps to support good fibre levels and is a source of betacarotene (a natural precursor of vitamin A). High quality standards are always met in the selection and constant monitoring of all the ingredients. DEN PLUS does not contain colouring agents. Please follow the daily recommended servings to keep your four-legged friend at the ideal weight.

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Weight 20,100 kg